Save the Planet Project
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Helping to solve our global problems

Amongst the many global problems we face, food security and the unsustainable use of fossil fuels rank highly.

These are complex and multi-faceted problems.

  • How do we meet the needs of our communities whilst addressing sustainability and environmental issues?
  • How do we provide employment and build our economies?
  • How do we pass on our world, in better shape, to our generations to come?

What can we do to help?

Unsustainable fishing practices add to our food security issues. Wild caught fish are used to produce the majority of our Omega 3 supplements today, further depleting our fish stocks.

We can address this issue by producing Omega 3 supplements from micro-algae. It's sustainable, natural, clean and does not threaten our food security.

The use of fossil fuels to produce plastics is unsustainable and toxic. We are only now beginning to discover the long term affects of plastic pollution.

As well as poisoning our broader environment, it's also affecting our health and wellbeing directly. We help to address this issue by producing home compostable plastics using micro-algae as the source.

These products are the beginning of a chain of products we'll be providing globally that are sensible and sustainable alternatives to those currently doing damage.

In the process, we're building a business in an industry of the future and providing new jobs and supporting communities.

We will be building facilities globally in order to provide product at volumes that can have a positive impact.


Significantly reduce global environmental problems


Provide viable bio-alternatives for plastics
and Omega 3 oils

Bio-refinery Exterior

save the planet project
save the planet project
save the planet project


Find out how we can make a difference to the world's plastic problem


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